Shareholders’ meeting of 21 April 2022


The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (AGM) of de Volksbank N.V. (de Volksbank) was held on 21 April 2022.

In addition to adopting the financial statements for 2021, NLFI agreed to de Volksbank’s proposal to pay out a dividend of € 97 million to be charged to the result for 2021.

In accordance with the rotation schedule, the term of office of Marinka van der Meer (Chief Customer Officer) expired at today’s AGM. At the meeting Marinka was reappointed for a new term of four years, i.e. until the conclusion of the AGM in 2026.

Also today, the term of office expired for two members of the Supervisory Board, namely Aloys Kregting and Jos van Lange. They too have been reappointed for a new term of four years, until the conclusion of the AGM in 2026.

With the reappointment of Marinka van der Meer, the composition of the Board of Directors of de Volksbank will remain the same: Martijn Gribnau (Chief Executive Officer), Jeroen Dijst (Chief Risk Officer), Marinka van der Meer (Chief Customer Officer) and the Chief Financial Officer, for which the recruitment process is ongoing.

On 16 May 2022, the Executive Committee of de Volksbank will commence its activities. In addition to the aforementioned statutory members, Marjolein de Jongh (Chief Transformation Officer) and Michel Ruijterman (Chief Information Officer) shall be non-statutory members of this committee, and there is a vacancy for the position of Chief People & Organisation Officer (CPOO). The recruitment process for the latter position is also underway.

The Supervisory Board of de Volksbank will also remain the same: Gerard van Olphen (Chair), Jeanine Helthuis, Petra van Hoeken, Aloys Kregting and Jos van Lange.


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