The Supervisory Board is pleased that Pieter Veuger is joining de Volksbank as CFO. Thanks to his many years of experience, he is well acquainted with the financial sector and the applicable and evolving regulatory environment. We have absolute confidence that he will make a positive contribution to the further implementation of de Volksbank’s mission and strategy.
Jan van Rutte, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of de Volksbank
We are very happy with the appointment of Pieter Veuger as a member of the Board of Directors. He has a strong affinity with our ‘Banking with a human touch’ mission and with our principle of shared value. He is also well acquainted with the requirements to be met by banks. We expect that this will enable him to make an important contribution to the strategic priorities and choices of de Volksbank.
Maurice Oostendorp, Chairman of the Board of de Volksbank

Intended appointment of Pieter Veuger as Chief Financial Officer of de Volksbank


The Supervisory Board of de Volksbank N.V. (hereinafter de Volksbank) announces its intention to appoint Pieter Veuger (1969) as a member of the Board of Directors of de Volksbank in accordance with the articles of association (hereinafter Board of Directors) in the role of Chief Financial Officer (CFO). The intended appointment is subject to approval by the supervisory authorities. The Works Council has rendered a positive advice. Pieter Veuger succeeds Annemiek van Melick, who stepped down from the Board of Directors on 1 September 2019.

During his career at PwC, where he currently works, Pieter Veuger gained extensive experience in the banking sector and broad knowledge on finance, particularly in the areas of reporting, digitisation, change management, data and data governance. He has advised many clients in the financial sector and coached them at board level. Pieter Veuger combines his professional expertise and skills with social awareness and has a strong motivation to contribute to the financial solidity of de Volksbank and thus to a stable, diverse and sustainable financial sector.

As CFO, Pieter Veuger will be responsible for the activities within de Volksbank’s financial field, as well as for the relationships with supervisory authorities, namely the ECB and DNB, investors, rating agencies and other financial stakeholders. As finance director, he also contributes to the further development and implementation of our mission, ‘Banking with a human touch’, and de Volksbank’s mission-based strategy.

From 1 January 2020 until approval from the supervisory authorities has been received and Pieter Veuger has been formally appointed, he will work as a (titular) Director of Finance. The term of office will run until the closing of the General Meeting of Shareholders of de Volksbank in 2024.

Once the appointment of Pieter Veuger is definitive, the Board of Directors of de Volksbank will consist of: Maurice Oostendorp (CEO), Jeroen Dijst (CRO), Marinka van der Meer (CCO), Mirjam Verhoeven (COO) and Pieter Veuger (CFO).


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